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Career Education Resources

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Certificate Information: Residency, Graduation, Course Substitutions

Residency Requirements for Certificates: None unless otherwise noted in the catalog for the program.

Business/CIS Division:

  • Certificate Applications and the Petition to Substitute Certificate Requirements form are currently available on the division’s website under their respective programs.
  • Advise students to only submit the certificate graduation application when “all” grades are noted on the application, and after petition to substitute certificate requirements forms are approved (if applicable).
  • The Petition to Substitute Certificate Requirements form should be submitted whenever a student uses courses that are not listed on the certificate (regardless of equivalency determined by C-ID’s or previous evaluations).
  • When using courses from colleges other than Fullerton and Cypress College for the Petition to Substitute Certificate Requirements form: always include a copy of the unofficial college transcript, regardless of whether or not the official transcript is on file with Admissions and Records. 

Tech and Engineering Division:

  • Advise students to only submit application when “all” grades are noted on the application.
  • Until certificate applications become available on the Tech and Engineering website, students that would like to apply for their completed certificate are advised to email Ken Starkman kstarkman@fullcoll.edu and Anita Sandez asandez@fullcoll.edu to request the application.
  • * Cosmetology Students do not need to apply for their certificates.  Certificates are automatically issued after successful completion of the program.

Career Education Program Resources

Administration of Justice

Counseling Notes:

Points of Interest and Clarification_AJ & Crime Scene Investigation  – Counselors Notes and Suggested Sequence

Department Newsletters:



  • 9/29/20 Biotech Level I- Lab Assistant Certificate update from Jon-Michael Hattabaugh
    • Students who take BIOL 272 will now be allowed to use it as a substitute for  BIOL 190/190LF as part of the Level I Certificate requirements. Many times, this applies to Biology/Biochemistry majors who also want to receive the Biotech certificate prior to transfer. In this scenario, they will have to take BIOL 191 and will already have met the CHEM requirement as part of the BIOL 272 prerequisite. Here is a link to the Biotech website that shows the certificates – https://fcbiotech.weebly.com/certificates.html.
    • Note: If the student chooses to substitute 272 for 190 and 190L, they may do so for the purposes of the first certificate. However, they cannot double count 272 as both a core certificate course in lieu of 190 and 190L *and* an elective course for a second or third certificate in the stack. Simply put, if they use 272 instead of 190 and 190L then they cannot use it as an elective later; they must take a *different* elective course instead of 272 in that case. Certificates are awarded by the Department and, for the time being, students can follow up with their Biotech instructors regarding appropriate substitute courses for the level 2&3 certificates.
  • Please Note: Students working towards earning the Biotech Lab Assistant Skills Certificate who would like to take the Chemistry Assessment in lieu of a class (Chem 101_F or Chem 107_F) must earn a passing score on the Chemistry Proficiency Test (23+). If students pass the Chem assessment, Counselor can send an email to Antoinette Triefenbach (email: atriefenbach@fullcoll.edu) with the student’s information (name, student ID, verifying that they passed) when they are applying for the Biotech Lab Assistant Skills Certificate.

Transfer – The Associate in Science Biological Technician is eligible for direct transfer to Mira Costa College or Solano College for B.S. in Biomanufacturing.



Business and CIS Division Website:

  • Program Information
  • Internship Program
  • Certificate Application and Petition to Substitute Certificate Requirements
  • New Certificate descriptions found here: https://buscis.fullcoll.edu/business-buzzy-blog/
      • Computer Game Design Certificate
      • Computer Game Programming Skills Certificate
      • Mobile Applications Entrepreneur Certificate
      • Entry-Level Accounting Certificate
      • The Business of Art Certificate
      • Small Business Bookkeeping Certificate
      • Payroll Accounting Certificate
      • Advanced Bookkeeping Certificate
      • Cost Accounting Certificate

CE Program Resources (continued)

Cosmetology (Esthetician Certificate Courses Not Being Offered until further notice)
CTE Teaching
Digital Marketing Certificate
Fashion Design and Merchandising


  • Fall 2020/Remote Updates: Fashion Chat
  • Students with Fashion Coursework from other colleges are advised to make an appointment to discuss Course Substitutions with Ken Starkman, Dean of Tech and Engineering. Bldg700, Room 700, Phone: (714)992-7051.
  • Fashion Courses Terms Offered
  • FASH 299 F Advisement Considerations


Manufacturing and Machine Tech
Massage Therapy Instructional Program - Discontinued

The Curriculum Committee approved the deletion of the Level I certificate spring 2020.  There are no plans to bring the program back. The Level II certificate was never state approved and should not be in the catalog.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Dean of Physical Education David Grossman.


Paralegal Studies

Program Information

Paralegal Associations

UCI Pre-Law Program    For more info contact: Estuardo Ponciano, eponciano@law.uci.edu


Transfer Articulation Agreements

Counseling Notes:

  • SPRING 2020 – For spring 2020, the program is accepting the P/NP for the paralegal courses and paralegal GE courses if the student requests it per the emergency institutional policy issued by FC
  • PLEG 105_F: The English 100 F prerequisite for PLEG 105 F can be waived if the student has earned a bachelor’s degree (including PLEG certificate approved international bachelor’s degrees). This waiver does not entitle the student to credit for English 100 F on the ABA approved PLEG Gen Ed pattern.
  • International Transcripts must be evaluated by one of two Fullerton College approved evaluation services. Evaluations showing that the student has earned the equivalent to a U.S. regionally accredited college or university bachelor’s degree (or higher degree) can be applied to the certificate requirement of possessing an AA, AS, BA, BS or higher degree. International courses cannot be used for general education or major courses required for the Paralegal Studies Associate in Science degree.
  • PLEG Gen Ed Pattern: It does not matter when a course was taken as long as it is on the current ABA approved PLEG Gen Ed Pattern.            Any course completed at another college must be equivalent to the Fullerton College course listed on the ABA approved PLEG Gen Ed Pattern. Official transcripts from that college showing student received a grade of C or better in the equivalent course must be on file with Admissions & Records.
  • Students who wish to transfer Paralegal Studies units (up to a maximum of six (6) units) must obtain prior approval from the Paralegal Department Coordinator or the Business Division Dean.  See link for ABA approved programs in California.
  • PLEG 223 F Advanced Legal Research & Writing – More and more lawyers depend on their paralegals to write well and persuasively.  This course is recommended for all Paralegal Studies students, but especially for those that are not strong writers.
  • PLEG 215 F Discovery in Electronic Age – Many attorneys are not versed in E-Discovery but are expected to retain at least someone on their staff or work with a consultant skilled in E-Discovery.  That said, this course can be advantageous for Paralegal employment opportunities.  Students will learn everything from data collection to trial presentation.  Upon completion of this course, students will achieve their eDiscovery Technology Certificate from the National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT).  Additionally, curriculum from this course will prepare students to sit for the E-Discovery Executive (eDEX) Certificate offered by the Association of Certified Electronic Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), which is the first step towards getting the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Certification.
Theatre Arts
Apprenticeship Programs

Points of Interest and Clarification_Welding Tech (5/3/21)

Program Updates (8/14/19)

  • WELD 121AF has been replaced with WELD 100_F
  • WELD 121BF has been replaced with WELD 120_F.
  • Welding courses with co-requisites listed means that the student can enroll in the course if they have either completed the co-requisite course and earned a grade of C or better or are concurrently enrolled in the co-requisite course.
  • Students beginning the Welding program are advised to take either WELD 100_F or WELD 091AF first.  They should plan to take the WELD 91 series (AF, BF, CF and DF) in order.
  • Students who are also interested in earning an Associate’s degree are advised to follow the Manufacturing Technology Associate in Science Degree – Welding Concentration.