Continuing Student

Steps to Succeed

  1. Counseling Appointment – Students should call the Fullerton College Counseling Department at (714) 992-7084 to schedule a counseling appointment.  It is advisable that student veterans meet with a Veterans Counselor which they may schedule by calling the Veterans Resource Center at (714) 992-7102.  If a student veteran meets with a counselor in General Counseling it is advisable that they identify themselves as a veteran so that their Student Educational Program Plan is properly tailored for veteran certification and also to ensure priority registration.
  2. Financial Aid – For information on federal/state assistance and eligibility requirements, visit the Financial Aid website or call them at (714) 888-7588.
  3. Schedule of Classes – Refer to the online Class Schedule for course offerings.
  4. Registration Appointment – Prior to registration students will receive email notification of their registration date and time through myGateway.
  5. Registration – Students may register using myGateway at their assigned registration date and time or anytime thereafter. Here is a video that explains the online registration process.
  6. Fees – Registration fees must be paid immediately after registering or students may be dropped from their classes. Refer to “Fees” page in the Class Schedule.
  7. Attend Class – It is extremely important that students attend the first class meeting. Failure to attend may result in being dropped from the class.  Attendance may be required remotely for online courses and previously in person courses amid the COVID-19 hiatus.  Click the blue hyperlink of the Course Registration Number (CRN) in the Searchable Class Schedule for additional details about each, including how and when to “attend” a class taught online or remotely.
  8. Student Services – Many services are provided to support students’ success at Fullerton College, here is a link to our Student Services.