Continuing Student

Steps to Succeed

  1. Counseling Appointment – Students should call the Fullerton College Counseling Department at (714) 992-7084 to schedule a counseling appointment.  Students may also schedule in person at 321 E. Chapman Ave., 2000 Building, 2nd Floor, Fullerton, CA.  It is advisable that student veterans meet with a Veterans Counselor which they may schedule by calling the Veterans Resource Center at (714) 992-7102.  If a student veteran meets with a counselor in General Counseling it is advisable that they identify themselves as a veteran so that their Student Educational Program Plan is properly tailored for veteran certification and also to ensure priority registration.
  2. Financial Aid – For information on federal/state assistance and eligibility requirements, contact Financial Aid Office, 100 Bldg, 1st floor, (714) 888-7588.
  3. Schedule of Classes – Refer to the online Class Schedule for course offerings or purchase at the Fullerton College Bookstore, 2000 Bldg, 1st floor.
  4. Registration Appointment – Prior to registration students will receive email notification of their registration date and time through myGateway.
  5. Registration – Students may register using myGateway at their assigned registration date and time or anytime thereafter. Here is a video that explains the online registration process.
  6. Fees – Registration fees must be paid immediately after registering or students may be dropped from their classes. Refer to “Fees” page in the Class Schedule.
  7. Attend Class – It is extremely important that students attend the first class meeting. Failure to attend may result in being dropped from the class.
  8. Student Services – Many services are provided to support students’ success at Fullerton College. Refer to the “Support Services for Students” section in the Class Schedule.