Group Advising

Group Advising is limited to students enrolled in the Group Advising session, however a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and associated files are available for all to view here. Please be advised that the Group Advising presentation noted below does not replace the need to attend Group Advising.  Valuable information is provided during Group Advising that is not always noted in the slides.  Also, a major component to attending Group Advising is educational planning and receiving a Student Educational Program Plan (SEPP); having a completed SEPP helps to ensure the student receives priority registration.  To schedule a Group Advising Session please visit the Counseling Center in the 2000 Building, 2nd Floor or call the Counseling Center at (714) 992-9917.

Group Advising

Associate Degree General Education Pattern

California State University General Education Pattern

IGETC General Education Pattern (For UC  and CSU and some private colleges and universities)

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