The PUENTE Project

The Puente Project is an academic, counseling, mentoring program that has improved college persistence and success rates for thousands of California’s educationally under-served students.  The PUENTE mission is to increase the number of community college students who:

  • Transfer and enroll in four-year colleges and universities
  • Earn college degrees
  • Return to the community as mentors and leaders

Program Benefits

  • Academic counseling
  • Guaranteed English, math, and counseling courses
  • Local college field trips and cultural events
  • Annual Northern California College Tour
  • Mentoring and networking with community leaders
  • Leadership and volunteer experience
  • University and college transfer preparation

Program Eligibility

  • Must be enrolled full-time for Fall and Spring semesters (12 units or more each semester)
  • Enrollment in ENGL 099 F or ENGL 100 F and COUN 101 F during Fall semester
  • Enrollment in ENGL 100 F or ENGL 104 F and COUN 163 F during Spring semester
  • Mandatory attendance to all PUENTE events

To join the program contact Elias Dominguez (714) 992-7240 or email to or Elsa Aguirre (714) 992-7610 or email to


Elias Dominguez

Puente Counselor

(714) 992-7240

Elsa Aguirre

Puente Counselor

(714) 992-7610