Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) courses

Counseling Courses

2 Units.
36 hours lecture per term.
This course will facilitate an understanding of the issues involved in having a successful college experience. The emphasis includes four major components of study: self-exploration; development of academic and survival skills; awareness of higher education; and transfer exploration and vocational options. Topics will include: student development theory, purpose for attending college, maintaining health, development of positive self-esteem, strategies for living a balanced life, and acquisition of academic and survival skills. Students will develop knowledge of college resources, policies and procedures.(CSU) (Degree Credit)
3 Units.
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass option.
54 hours lecture per term. This course designed for, but not restricted to, undecided students and persons in career transition and includes self-exploration, career exploration and job search strategies. Specific topics include adult development theory and the changes that occur over the life span, extensive exploration and assessment of one’s skills, values, interests and personality, analysis of career possibilities to determine individual fit, introduction to resources for educational and career planning, an intensive
career investigation, decision making, goal setting and motivation,
and job search and interview techniques. (CSU) (Degree Credit)


English Courses

4 Units. Pass/No Pass only.
Advisory: READ 056 F or any reading course.
72 hours lecture per term. This course is designed for native speakers of English who need to build basic English skills in writing, reading and thinking. It provides instruction in writing effective sentences, reading short essays, thesis development, structure of paragraphs and essays, vocabulary building, basic critical thinking, and study skills


4 Units. Pass/No Pass only.
Prerequisite: ENGL 059 F with a grade of “Pass” or recommended score on the English Placement Test.
Advisory: READ 096 F.
72 hours lecture per term. This course is designed to meet the needs of students who are developing the writing and editing skills necessary for college writing. Students will review the writing process, thesis statements, essay structure, organization and general mechanics, read and analyze professional essays, and write essays with an emphasis on exposition and critical thinking.


4 Units. Pass/No Pass only.
Advisory: READ 096 F or any other reading course.
72 hours lecture and 18 hours lab per term. This course prepares students for transfer-level college writing in a highly intensive, accelerated format. Students will review English fundamentals, read and analyze professional essays, and write essays with an emphasis on exposition and critical thinking.