Re-entry Connect

Re-entry Connect is a campus program designed for re-entry or non-traditional students.  Our goal is to guide, connect, and offer support for the greatest possible academic success.  We understand the specific and unique challenges our adult learners face and believe our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Who is a re-entry student?

Re-entry students, by definition, are undergraduates over age 24 AND traditionally-aged students who are married or who have children.

Why our program started…

Dr. Carol Mattson created the program back in 2016.  “Many years ago when I was a student, married with children and returning to college, I remember feeling old at the age of thirty-something.  I had child care issues and responsibilities at home, different than those of most traditional aged students.   My counselor at the time facilitated a class for this student population, and at her urging, I attended.  Her efforts connected me with students who had similar interests and challenges and also those who were succeeding despite their challenges.  This provided a smoother transition to college and motivated me and many others to stay in school.”

After Dr. Mattson retired in 2018 two counselors continue the program.  Jacquelyn Johnston is a community college graduate, who put herself through college and transferred in four years.  Jacquelyn did not feel she could connect to peers close to her age because they did not share the same financial and personal responsibilities and often made friends with peers older than her.  She is looking forward to coordinating Re-entry Connect and connecting with everyone. Jenna Ly is an Adjunct Counselor at Fullerton College and excited to work with our Re-Entry Connect students.  Jenna is also the lead Computer Technical Education (CTE) counselor at Santiago Canyon College, so has experience working with non-traditional students.  Jenna is a mom of two daughters and understands the coordination required to juggle different responsibilities.  Her goal is to help all Re-Entry Connect students develop an educational plan and feel confident and motivated to reach their education goals.

The services we offer:

  • peer network gatherings-check calendar for dates
  • workshops for student success
  • educational plan appointments
  • career counseling
  • resources on and off campus
  • counseling courses tailored to adult learners
  • encouragement and motivation
  • scholarship information
  • social events and celebrations

Get connected:


Counseling appointments: (714) 992-7084 ask for “Re-entry”