Counseling Department Mission and Core Functions



The Fullerton College Counseling Department provides student-centered counseling services to support the achievement and growth of our diverse student population with the intent of helping students develop their highest potential, fulfill their goals and promote life-long success.

Core Functions

In support of the Fullerton College Counseling Center’s mission, we foster and commit to the enrichment of students, faculty, staff and the local community through the following:

  • Counseling:  Provide academic, career and personal counseling services through individual and group counseling sessions.
  • Instruction:  Offer courses tailored to the needs of students to maximize their academic potential and experience.
  • Networking/Coordination:  Outreach to the campus and larger community offers a full-spectrum experience that promotes growth and the learning process.
  • Staff Development:  Impart professional training to faculty and staff to enhance the quality of our services through teamwork, innovation and positive relationships.