Assessment Center


Welcome to the Fullerton College Assessment Center

Students attending Fullerton College are required to participate in the Assessment process. Assessment is the first step to identify the appropriate courses to guide your progress toward your educational goals. Fullerton College uses multiple methods to assess math and English/reading skills including high school transcripts and test scores (such as for the AP and IB exams), transcripts from other colleges and universities, and in some cases, results from approved standardized tests. You can learn about new State of California policies regarding course placement and completion by reading Assembly Bill 705.

To get started, please select the option that best describes you.

Click here if you have not completed any college coursework since graduating or leaving high school. If you have taken courses at Fullerton College while in high school (either at your high school or on our campus) and have since graduated and not taken any additional college courses, then you are considered a “first time college student”.

Click here if you are a new student to Fullerton College but have college coursework from elsewhere.

Click here if you are currently a high school student looking to take college coursework at Fullerton College.

Click here if you are currently attending Fullerton College and would like to be re-assessed for English, Math, Reading or English as a Second Language (ESL) placement.

Click here if you have an F-1 student visa.

Click here if you believe you may require disability services and/or accommodations.

Click here if you are an Anaheim Pledge student.