CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

Fullerton College accepts test scores for the English and Math components of the CAASPP examination. Qualifying students will be waived from additional placement testing in English and/or Math (see exception below) at Fullerton College. To qualify for an English and/or Math placement waiver, you must:

  • Complete the CAASPP English and Math components as a part of your 11th grade STAR Testing,
  • Receive an appropriate score on the English and/or Math CAASPP (If you received a “Standard Met” status, you will need to complete additional coursework during your 12th grade year; please see the appropriate link below for instructions.)
  • Submit the appropriate documentation to Fullerton College; please see below for more detailed information about your CAASPP status and petition requirements.

Waived students:

Students who are waived from the English and/or Math assessment tests may still want and/or need to take some of the college’s assessment tests, the following are reasons you may still wish to take these assessment tests.

Reading assessment test – College textbooks are written at the college level and the reading assessment test can help a student determine if there is a need to improve their reading skill.  Additionally, to obtain a traditional Associate Degree (not an Associate Degree for Transfer) from Fullerton College a student will need to fulfill the college’s graduation requirements, one of these is the Reading Requirement. Fulfillment of the reading requirement may be achieved by assessing into the highest reading course, READ 142 F.  To view the multiple ways a student may fulfill the reading graduation requirement refer to the college catalog.

Math assessment test – Many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and some health care related majors require Calculus I (MATH 150AF) and higher and qualification for a waiver of the math assessment test does not qualify a student for this level of math.  It is recommended that students see a counselor to better understand what math course(s) are required of your major and or career path.

Chemistry assessment test – Many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) majors require CHEM 111AF and a successful score on the Chemistry assessment test will qualify you to skip CHEM 107 F which is the prerequisite for CHEM 111AF .

Please click on the link or links below that pertain to your CAASPP status for instructions and documentation required for your petition:

For additional information about the CAASPP/EAP, please visit: