CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

Math courses — “Standard Exceeded”

If your CAASPP Math status is “Standard Exceeded,” please read the instructions below.  Qualifying students may be exempted from additional placement testing in Math at Fullerton College. To qualify for a Math placement exemption, you must:

  • Have an application on file with Fullerton College,
  • Make an appointment to meet with a Fullerton College counselor,
  • Submit to the Fullerton College Counseling Office, a copy of your State of California issued CAASPP testing results and a completed Alternative Assessment Petition Form (see below).

Terms of the Math placement exemption are:

  • Eligible students may not need to take the Fullerton College Math assessment test. Students who have completed and passed advanced math courses in high school (e.g. trig, pre-calculus, calculus, etc.) and who intend to pursue a major that would require advanced, college-level math may still need to take the Fullerton College math assessment test in order to be placed directly into MATH 151 F (Calculus),
  • Students not seeking direct placement into a calculus (MATH 151 F) or higher level course can receive clearance to enroll in one or more of the following: MATH 100 F, 120 F, 129 F, 141 F, 142 F.
  • Students will receive “clearance” to enroll in only the Fullerton College Math courses identified in their meeting with a counselor (the clearance will not apply to MATH courses taught at Cypress College), once the petition has been processed.
    • Please note, “clearance” to enroll in a Math course does not guarantee that a seat in the class will be available.
    • Clearances are valid for two years. Students who are not able to enroll in the class are strongly encouraged to keep trying in every subsequent term until they are able to take the class.
  • Students may still need to take the English and/or Reading assessment (and Chemistry assessment – if planning to take CHEM 111AF).

Required documents please submit a  copy of your CAASPP testing results to the Fullerton College Counseling Center.

For additional information about the CAASPP Math exam, please visit: The California State University Math Success: Early Assessment Program